Disadvantages of Food Delivery Services

Due to the advancement of technology and a lot of businesses being created in the world of business, food delivery services have become a new trend for us to prepare food. Food delivery services lessen our hassle just to prepare food, especially if you are too tired to do the household chores to make food. A lot of us see this as a great advantage, but also let us take a look at the disadvantages of using the online food services app. Click 365 Credit Solutions to know more about online food delivery services.


Even it will lessen your time to make your food, it is more costly to order from online food services than preparing your own cook of food because; First, you need to pay for the delivery charge that the online food delivery services company added to your ordered food. Second, because these orders are from high-class restaurants or fast-food chains, the price is higher because they are proportionally only for one person per order.

high msg

MSG Content

Food from restaurants or fast-food chains has a high content of MSG or Monosodium Glutamate. There is a great use of MSG in restaurants or fast-food chain because it makes their cook more flavored in a lot easier step. With this, eating food with MSG can lead some health problems like obesity or metabolic disorders.…